Welcome to the Free Music Scores site !


In this site you'll find music scores of classical, Jewish, traditional and my original work.
The music is arranged for small windband, 3-6 instrument: see details for each item in the description column.

Each music item contains two files:

  • A MIDI file, which allows you to listen to it on your computer
  • A MOZART file, which allows you to browse the music sheet, play it on your computer, and print it.

 In order to read the MOZART file, you need to download the free MOZART VIEWER: it is an excellent, compact software, which can be downloaded freely from www.mozart.co.uk. Look at the FAQ page for more details on the above.

Accompany Yourself with MOZART!

As the Mozart Viewer plays on your computer, it displays the current note to you: you may use it to accompany yourself playing one of the instruments!

Moreover, you may MUTE the instrument you're playing, and you've got a band accompanying you - this is known as MINUS ONE music. I know it is MIDI quality, which is not the best one can get... but it is free, and immediate, and it contains the music you want !.
(Please note that to mute a specific instrument, you'll need the full MOZART, or email me and I'll do it for you).

And if you own the full MOZART version, you can edit my files easily (e.g., transpose it for other instruments), or even create your own music scores

The music in this site is the copyright of the owner of the site .However, you may print, play, copy and distribute it freely, for any non-commercial use.

 I'm an engineer, and I play the  Clarinet in the Kfar-Saba Band   (Kfar Saba, Israel).

You might be also interested in my article on Natural Music, which shows how the music world could be simpler, if it was designed by engineers (or, how backward compatibility affects our life today...).

You're welcome to contact me for any question, re-arrangement, or any other comments. I'll do my best to respond as soon as I can.


Last Update: November 2009, By Avi Ariav


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